Lawn Maintenance

Investing in yourself with Gelinas Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenace helps your lawn and bedding areas look beautiful and stay healthy. We understand a lawn isn't just grass - it's an investment.  It is an investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. Of course you want your lawn and bedding areas to look perfect. The Gelinas Companies can help your property  look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the perfect look you've always wanted.

The Primary Focal Points of Our Lawn Maintenance Programs:

  • Understanding  your Goals
  • Putting together a Maintenance Program  that fits you
  • Providing services that will allow your property to grow and prosper over time (phase maintenance)
  • Create an lasting investment for years to come
  • Giving you the ability to come home and enjoy it pain free!

Custom Lawn Maintenance Services

Because our lawn maintenance services are designed to fulfill the needs of your specific lawn and yard, there is no exact time frame in which lawn maintenance services must be applied. We don't base your lawn maintenance program on a one-size-fits-all standard.

  • Professional Lawn Cutting
  • Lawn Dethacthing
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Irrigation Systems
  • New Lawn Installation
  • Existing Lawn Repairs
  • Existing Lawn Over-Seeding
  • Flower Installations
  • Shrubbery Installations

Professional Bedding Maintenance

  • Shrubbery Trimming
  • Soil Amending
  • Plant Replacement/Installation
  • Plant protections Soils,  Mulch, Compost, Peat Moss Etc.


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